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May 13, 2007



This is where we are polar opposites - I am also the only one in my family without an ipod, but it's because I don't want one. I hate technology, even when it could be piping music directly into my brain.


I don't have an Ipod but I did break down and get an MP3 player. The purpose was so I could take a 2 mile hike every day, listening to kick ass tunes that would motivate me to be the super healthy, Type A person I long to be...sometimes. I can't figure out how to get the music from the computer to the MP3 player. Oh, when I first got it, I actually read the instructions and managed to get 4 songs into it. But then I put it down, forgot how to do it and lost the instructions. In unrelated news, the hikes haven't happened either, btw.


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